Friday, March 11, 2011

Entertainment: What would you do if you discover your boyfriend's gay: Ethel Booba

Ethel booba no more, Ethel Arsonist?
Sexy actress-comedienne Ethel Booba is facing arson charges after she set fire to some of her appliances inside her rented unit at Prince June Condominium, Timog Avenue,Quezon City Friday.

According to the news, police officer learned that it was around 5am when the incident happened. Ethel Gabison, in real life, provided confusing details as to how the incident started. However, she was able to admit she was angry after learning that her Norwegian/Romanian boyfriend, Mario Murize or Marius Miria, is gay.  

Brgy watchman found her just outside her condo and seems to be disheveled, drunk and dumbfounded. Burned lampshades, pillows and broken glasses were seen in the condominium unit, obvious indication that there was a commotion that had happened. 


Well, what can i say?
Who would be not depressed and torn once you discovered that the person you are calling a boyfriend, is actually should be your girlfriend? Kidding aside, i cannot blame Ethel if she reacted violently and crazily. HOWEVER, I don't agree with what she did, particularly the setting up of fire in her unit. You may not be able to control your emotions but don't take it against the things or unit and start harming innocent people. If you have a problem with a person, deal with him, and him alone. 

And then this question popped in my mind once again, 
What would you do if you discover your boyfriend's gay or your girlfriend's a lesbo?

Ugh, i personally haven't experienced it yet. And i am praying hard not to experience it ever. 
I have nothing against gays and lesbians, i am actually very open to being friends with them and also open to friends who have same sex relationships. I love them and i love their company.  And i find it very amusing whenever they get to share their relationship experience and problems to me. 

Still, with regard to this hypothetical question, if i will be in this kind of situation, i have to say that yes, i will get mad because i think that it is important for a couple to be open about their past, present and future  and during these times, acceptance is the most important thing if you truly love the person. I will get mad but i will forgive. Forgive if he wasn't able to admit it beforehand, i ain't God so i don't have the right to not extend forgiveness. YET, the possibility and probability of continuing the relationship with the person is not clear. I know that even if love between us is strong there will always be time when he would be confused of what he really wants. And yes, i can understand, support and be patient with it, but it is not all the time i can keep up with the fact that he is confused and there's a tendency for him to come back in his past. It is a hard decision to make, but that is something i think fair for the both parties. You being fair to yourself, for you yourself also need  to have peace of mind and assurance that you are the only person in his mind and heart. While you being fair to him also for giving him the chance to think and decide not for you but for what he really wants and needs in his life. We can be friends though, but beyond that, i'd just let him be happy with what he wants. :)

So what will you do if this happened to you?

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