Sunday, March 9, 2014

Starting over again - here in Dubai

So um-yeah! I finally decided to go ahead and push through with my plans to go here and explore the opportunities that awaits me. Thanks to my brother and his girlfriend for the unending support and guidance. As well as to my cousin and my boyfriend for helping me out big time.

As you know, being the eldest child entails bigger responsibility as a daughter/son and as a sibling. Whatever happens one needs to stand up and support your parents during hard times.

Leaving the country was a big decision for me. It was VERY HARD because I have to leave a good job, my family behind and the LOVE of my life. We have to experience a lot of crying and arguments just to make it for us easier to let go. I've always wanted to let go of him so as not hurt him or make it difficult for the both of us. But, this person never gave up on me. He promised me forever and I am holding on to that promise.

I will be sharing with you a lot these coming days. I will try to show you how I started my life here in DXB (Dubai). Might be giving you some tips and the latest happenings here.

So bear with me as I try to compose everything for you guys to absorb. :)

Let me know what you wanted to know about Dubai and I will try my best to give you a point or two. :)

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Thank you so much to Nuffnang Philippines, ms Thei and Nivea Products. :

Got my consolation prize containing awesome Nivea products.s

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Info Overload: How to get to Canyon Woods Tagaytay

Last saturday, Parents and I were invited to attend the blessing of a friend's house at Canyon Woods Tagaytay. We don't have a ride so we commute our way there. Let me share with you how to get there. ;-)

Option 1.

#if you will be coming from sta. cruz manila area, you can either take:
     - jeep bound to pasay rotonda/Gil Puyat/Libertad.
     - lrt 
     - bus passing by gil puyat

#Once at gil Puyat or Buendia station, you will have to find Mang Inasal and Jollibee, you will have to cross the street to go to the other side where bus stations bound to batangas/lemery. OR you may take the BBL bus (not sure of the name). Just make sure it is bus bound to nasugbu. 

#tell the driver to get you off at the welcome arc of nasugbu. there are tricycles and fx that you can ride on. For tricycle, for 3 person 50 pesos and will bring you at the gate but not allowed to enter. Fx/van can enter the residential resort at the exit gate. (that was what we're told).

Not sure of the other ways to get there! please feel free to suggest.:-)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Issue: Cover up of the ugly side of Metro Manila

As we all know, tomorrow (May 2, 2012), meeting with the ADB representatives will be held in our country. According to the news, local government units' busy covering up the small community of informal settlers living under the bridge and/or near dirty rivers. As of the moment, i believe that there are already huge built in walls in those area which will be passed by ADB reps.

Personally, i think that the government shouldn't cover what is essential to be known to the ADB reps. They should have an idea of the reality hidden behind those walls. Government is so funny to come up with silly short term solution to make it appear that country is okay. I believe it is about time we be smart and intelligent as well as responsible enough to choose our government leaders to handle our country. 

what do you guys think?

Monday, April 30, 2012

Beauty: For the love of Modess Pads

It is always that times of the month wherein we, ladies, are in so much agony when it comes to dealing with our periods. Early symptoms of menstrual period includes pimple breakout, bloated tummy (and sometimes i think even my face seems bloated/chubby), moody/irritated for no reasons and basically you'll just have this paranoia that you have it already. 

Above mentioned are what i usually experience, i am not sure though of the other ladies. :-) What i do is i keep track of my first day and last day to know when the possible day i will be having my monthly period on the next month. Whenever i see drops of red stains, i immediately take pain reliever such as alaxan, dolfenal or mefenamic to avoid suffering from the pain of dysmenorrhea. Before i learned about this, i suffered extreme pain in my abdomen that even my knees and legs weakens simultaneously. Midol was introduced to me but i still feel tremendous pain so i began taking other pain reliever. It works for me that i took the medicine prior to experiencing the pain. Mas mabuti na yung unahan mawala yung pain before pa dumating yung sakit. 

One of our worries pa is the sanitary napkin or pads that we use. Of course, we are so dead anxious of the stain, the appearance of the pad and the odor. When i was still young and my mudra due to her thrifty nature settled to low cost napkins had me stayed home or changed pad thrice a day. I am so worried of being embarassed due to stains or what we usually termed us "tagos" here in the Philippines. Add up to our anxiety is the bulkiness of the pad, as much as possible we don't want to other people to notice that we are wearing sanitary napkins right? 

Well gone are the days of this bloody anxiety, thanks to New Modess Cottony soft for heavy flow. :-) i just love the fact that unlike other maxi pads that are so thick, this thin maxi pad can absorb the leak and its wings help in securing side leaks. The size of the pad is good enough to cover the front and back leaks. You can hardly feel that you are wearing a sanitary pad because of the comfort. And no need to worry with the odor because the pad itself is scented therefore reducing the bloody odor of our leaks. I am truly loving this pad and i am a fan. So if you are looking for great pads, try New Modess cottony soft, the one in purple/violet packaging.

see how thin it is but is very dependable when it comes to absorbing the leaks