Make It Happen is a blog established to provide awareness as to current events, various consumer goods ranging to beauty, fashion, food, accessories, as well as reviews of almost anything.

All details, information, data are property of third parties and were gathered through thorough research, unless stated otherwise. Photos and information not originating from the author will be properly credited. 

This blog accepts forms of advertising, sponsorship, products to review or other forms of sponsorship.

Please be informed though, that the sponsorship nor advertisement will not affect the content of the review, posts, or any topics in this blog. Author will be providing you the pros and cons of the products under review and will maintain fair judgement at all times. Any advertisement currently posted here are unpaid advertisements and just serves as information providers to searchers of related topics. If there are products that were given reviews, be informed that those were author's possession and was not provided by any company.

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