Friday, March 11, 2011

Current events: Practice what you preach!

Japan has been strucked by earthquakes these past few days. Last March 9, 2011, the country was hit by a 6.9 magnitude earthquake and with the epicenter near the Ogasawara Islands. March 11, 2011 (Friday) afternoon, the country once again was hit by a 7.9 Magnitude earthquake at Northeastern part of Japan.

According to the news, there were casualties and injuries from the recent earthquakes. There were fire from buildings, an explosion of one oil refinery and then some aftershocks. A tsunami also hit the coast of Sendai sending yachts, a ship, cars and large waves in the near-lands. According to the video below, from around 2:30 pm to 4:30pm, there are a total of 11 quakes that was recorded all of which are over M5.9.

My heart is so torn after hearing the news and was truly devastated when i actually saw the footages. I've seen a lot of updates and status in many social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, calling all the people to come and pray for the safety of all the people in Japan as well as those other countries which are said to be possibly hit by tsunami. There were people who are either paranoid or unintentionally ignorant of what their posts might result to other people. Post such as asking whether it is the end of the world or 2012 are to be considered nonsense for they are not providing anything good to the whole world. Instead of suggestions such as prayers, being alert, prepared and cautious, the previous only caused stress, anxiety and paranoia to other people. If you have faith in God, you know that God will not let allow His creations to be destructed just like that. Everything happens according to His plans. We just need to keep our faith in Him. I was pissed though when some person said that we should not lift everything to Him because it is not God's sole responsibility. And he even mentioned about it is human's fault. I know right! All of us have our own share of fault! All of us are guilty of not taking care of our Mother Earth. However, my point is, if you've got nothing good to say, shut the effed up! And before you come clean and stating that that was just your opinion, let me ask you. Do you practice what you preach?

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