Sunday, March 13, 2011

Trend: Kate Middleton's setting fashion frenzy

According to British news, after seeing Kate Middleton sports a Burberry nude color trenchcoat in a pancake flipping session in Belfast last Tuesday (March 8, 2011), the said version of that coat was in one day was completely sold out online in sizes 4, 6, 8 and 10. There were few larger sizes left and are in darker shades. The said trenchcoat was part of Burberry (London) spring/summer 2011 collection which is available online. The double-breasted coat cost over $1,000. There were also reports that a replica of that coat from different brand was also experienced a soar in their sales by 300 percent. 

Kate is said to be increasing the sales of these brand's clothing whenever she wears them and was seen by the public. Another example would be the dress she chose as her public engagement outfit. The high end label Issa's London Sapphire dress was said to be costing $618 and was sold out worldwide within 24 hours after seeing her wearing it. 

Trending as it is, the bride to be of Prince William is setting out a fashion frenzy and people all over the world are impressed and liking her clothing style. Is she following the foot steps of the late Princess Diana? They are looking up to her now, and we just hope that she would be at least be as charitable as the Late Princess D who is also known to be so regal, glamorous and elegant. 

Personally, i think Kate has a very good taste in fashion. She appears to be a very confident woman and she can carry herself well as well as the clothes she wears. So there's no question why people are looking up to her and imitating her fashion sense.

See Kate Middleton in the Burberry trenchcoat below:

Kate Middleton in Burberry Nude trenchcoat

Kate Middleton in Issa's London sapphire dress & Prince William during their public engagement

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