Monday, March 14, 2011

Trend: Beef Noodles- I love!

Roasted Beef Noodles

I am fond of eating noodles. Whenever i feel hungry but in a tight diet i always grab a cup of noodles. For the local brand of noodles, i love Nissin Chicken mami. Back in elementary, whenever i go home from school, i take home a pack of Nissin beef Ramen with sesame oil. I cooked it myself and put one or two eggs in it. I like it when the eggs are totally mixed with the noodles and soup. I love eating it super hot, just straight from the cooking bowl. 

In China, i tried looking for the best noodles to buy for snacks. It was in Shenzhen when i discovered "Roasted Beef Noodles" (See photo above). I love the noodles itself. It's not that soft nor hard. Just the right noodles texture when cooked. I also love the flavoring and right amount of ingredients. I like that it has a free bendable fork and the package itself is nice. :)

North Park restaurant also has good noodles served to their customers. When you ordered their noodles, they would asked you what kind of noodles will be served. My favorite is their Hongkong style noodles. Just like Roasted Beef noodles' texture. Also, another recommended noodle houses are Kim Hiong and Wai Ying.  Kim Hiong serves it with the soup itself or the soup separated. Wai Ying is also one of the best noodle house. :)

Kim Hiong Beef Noodles c/o Enteng

North Park's Beef wanton noodles c/o Karlo Quinto

Wai Ying Beef noodles c/o Teambee

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