Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Yummy: Ferrero Rocher & Van Houten Almonds - I heart you!

Whenever i am sad, i either, cry, sleep and eat, - and to make me happy i watch my favorite tv series like The Family Guy, CSI and Spongebob Squarepants. If all else fail, i depend on to my comfort food, Ferrero Rocher and Van Houten almonds. Or i watch Lakers game, however, the latter needs to win a game for me to be able to smile again. I am that shallow.

Going back to my favorite chocolates, i really have few in mind. 

Ferrero Rocher

I first got a taste of it when my father brought some for me and my siblings. I already had the idea that this is the brand of chocolates, ladies would love to receive during Valentine's day but i also had the idea that this chocolate is very expensive. So i settled to choosing M&M's, reese, Toblerone, etc., whenever we go to Duty Free to buy sweets. My brother, though, would always buy one for her girlfriend, Mona Guinto. He said that it is M's favorite daw. :)

I began having my addiction to Ferrero when my friend Bryan Balco gave me a small box with containing 6 chocolates. From then on, i always grab one whenever i am sad coz' i feel like it helps get rid of or decrease my sadness.

I am keeping these chocolates until now and eat them whenever i am sad. See the photo below. The one in heart container has two missing chocolates. I ate them yesterday and the other night when i was super sad.

Ferrero Rocher from dear friends
Van Houten Almonds

I had my first Van Houten almonds when Joseph Asuncion gave me one to make me smile. The second box he gave me was an assorted one. I don't like the raisin. I love it if it's almond. 

Van Houten assortments- I <3 almonds more.


I am a fan of Toblerone. I know someone who loves Toblerone too, and that is my pretty niece Trina. :) 

Chocolate Toblerone from Clari Pao Bei

Aside from the chocolates mentioned above, i am also addicted to Reese peanut butter chocolates and Twix chocolates wafer. Yumyumyum.

So what is your favorite chocolates? :)

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