Monday, March 21, 2011

Adventure: Tagaytay 1-day Getaway

My friend R and I are scheduled to go to Tagaytay at 8 in the morning so we could have our breakfast at Josephine's, however due to some other matters to attend to, we weren't able to depart manila according to the time planned. We rode a bus at Edsa-Taft, i think that was the BSC bus. We got off the bus at Olivarez, rode a trike all the way to Picnic Grove. 

At Picnic Grove, we just took photos of really beautiful sceneries and didn't try the zip line nor the horseback riding since i am really not in the mood. :) Afterward, i forced R to go to Josephine's so that we can have our lunch already since it is already 3 in the afternoon. So we rode a jeep and got off in front of Summit Ridge. Just across Summit Ridge is Josephine's restaurant. We ordered Seafood Paella and inihaw na liempo. (yum yum yum!) :) For drinks, i ordered Green Mango shake while he ordered watermelon shake. He asked me if he can try my drink, i agreed. He said that it is better pala than his shake. :)))

After Josephine's, we went to take some photos outside the resto and to my surprise there were red ants biting my feet. Darn! both foot are red and itchy. I was literally stomping my feet on the ground as hard as i can. I asked him if we can go to Bags of beans coz' i am craving for blueberry cheesecake. We rode a jeep and told the driver to get us off Bag of Beans. I ordered one slice of blueberry cheesecake and asked for water since they don't have any available mocha frap that time. R ordered Chocolate mousse and House blend. 

Below are some of the photos:
Picnic Grove entrance tix
Picnic Grove and sheds

Tagaytay Zipline and Cable car

Hanging bridge

My shot of the lake

Spot the bee!


The Zipline

The Cable car

R's Watermelon shake and My Green Mango shake

Our super later lunch

Yummy inihaw na liempo

Seafood Paella

View outside Josephine's restaurant

Shot by me - i like the clouds here

Summit Ridge

Josephine's Restaurant

Bag of Beans

Blueberry Cheesecake

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