Thursday, March 24, 2011

People: Match making challenge - Ronald Castro Jr.

Meet the man, Ronald Castro Jr.

I am not sure if he will like this or not, but i just have to do it. I think it's about time some lucky lady get a hold of this cute, former seminarian guy who loves to travel, eat and talk about different stuff.

Meet my good bud, Ronald Castro Jr. I call him "father" because he used to study in a seminary during his high school days. Met him in SBC through a common friend. I have to say that he is a gentleman, respectful and a little old fashion. :D

If you want me to describe how he looks, uhm, i have to say that he's cute. He has this boy-next-door appeal that i think some of you may like. He is medium built, taller than me (so that would be around 5'6" or 5'7"), he is kinda chinito, he smiles a lot.

He loves travelling and eating. He's an IT consultant and an IT graduate. (ikr!)

I don't think he has preference when it comes to girls. He said he is not choosy. hehehe...
When he falls in love, he really is deeply madly in love. 
He has his romantic side too. 

So if you think that he is worth your time...try him! :)

Me and The Searcher Ronald Castro Jr.
Father, this is it! A challenge for me and a pleasure for you. :)


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