Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Romance: Romantic Wedding Vows: Prescilla Mereilles

                                                                    (Photo credits to Jilcruz)

Prescilla Mereilles, a Miss Earth winner was married to Filipino actor John Estrada last February 26, 2011 in a romantic beach of La Union.

I was swooned by the romantic vows of the couples yet i have to say that it is Prescilla's vow that touched my heart. I just felt that she really carefully and sincerely thought about it. She is just genuinely so in love with her man. :)

So here's a part of her vow that truly touched me.

"I had a dream. I dreamed that I met one of the funniest, nicest, and most good-looking men. And that man was in love with me. In my dream, this man can make me laugh about serious things. He can make me cry... And just by looking at me or by just touching me, he makes me completely melt just like marshmallows on fire."

"I gave him the most precious thing I have. I gave this man my heart. Babe, we have been through so many things..."

"I need you to know, that I will always be here for you no matter what—the good and the worst, during sunny days and on very rainy days, when you're moody or not... If you need me or not, you don't have a choice coz I'll be there."

"And I will always, always be beside you no matter what. Because love means to share the world with someone else. And there is nobody else that I wanna share my world... except for you."

"... I promise that I will try to be the perfect person for you—the one you need, not the one you want. And if I hurt you, I will kiss your wounds until they heal."

"... I promise that even if I won't always be beside you, I'll be somewhere else waiting for you. And I promise that I will love you forever, forever... not only until the last day of my life."

"Every second, I will try my best to make you the happiest man on earth because when you love someone, everything makes sense. I love you so much. Te amo, mahal."


Whenever i read her vow, i just can't help but cry. John is one lucky guy for having a very beautiful and endearing woman who loves him this much. <3

Congratulations to Ms. Prescilla and Mr. John Estrada.

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