Thursday, March 10, 2011

People: My Mother dear's 51st birthday!

It's mother dear's birthday yesterday, March 10, 2011.

She is a bit sad because once again she'd celebrated it without Papa, since the latter is still abroad.

She cooked spaghetti and fried chicken and i just bought her a tiramisu cake which i am dying to eat now but i can't. :( [I will be undergoing medical check up tomorrow and i was advised to not eat beyond 11pm.]

There are a lot of things that people don't know about her...

1. She is a commerce graduate. She always dreamed of becoming a Certified Public Accountant, thus, she motivated me so hard to take up Accounting and achieve her dreams for her.;) She said that, it is as if she is the once with the license.

2. She is an athlete back in college. She loves playing volleyball.

3. Mama is a cadet in their ROTC back in high school and college. She said that she has always been a tough girl and no one dared bully her.

4. Mama is a good cook. I love it when she cooks spaghetti, beef stew, chicken adobo, and beef steak.

5. My mom is a cry baby! She is super emotional. Whenever we teased or joke around, she is the first one who gets pikon and cry! :)

6. My mom was once super thin. Well, according to her, she was sexy. She admitted that it was what my Papa likes best about her.

7. She is crazy and funny sometimes. She sometimes just suddenly play and joke around with us.

8. She loves Sbarro! I can't helped but avoid the shop whenever we're together coz i am pretty sure that's we're gonna eat again.

9. She loves getting dress and dolled up. She is more kikay than me. She has a lot of clothes and even get my big clothes for her to wear. :)

10. She has a birthmark at her back. :) She said that Lola Eda likes to eat dinuguan when she still had mama in her womb. That's why mama has this map thing at her back.

11. Mama is a tough woman. She has a loud voice. If she thinks she's right, she'll fight for it.

12. Mama is the most thrifty person i've known, thus, whenever we shop i always end up getting bored coz she wont stop until she finds the cheapest price. :)

13. She is super clean and caring when it comes to the house, her stuff and papa's stuff. I always getting scolded for i am the total opposite.

14. She loves shoes and bags.

15. She has this super mataray eyes.

16. She loves being pampered and baby.

17. She wants to have another baby girl, and she wants me to take care of her.

18. Mama and i are not the closest but i surely love her and my papa with my whole heart and life.

She is my sugar and spice, my total opposite, my friend, my enemy, my teacher, one of my inspirations and my life. I used to not appreciate what my parents were doing to me back then, but now, i cannot thank them enough for giving us a good life, a family, love, care, understanding and for bringing us with fear and faith in God. If there is one thing i can probably give my parents, that would be my life, because i love them more than i love myself. :)

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