Sunday, March 20, 2011

Personal affair: What made you say that you are in love?

It is so easy for us to utter the words, "i'm in love", "i love you"... but sometimes, we don't really feel what we say. I am not judging anyone if they are the expressive type. I, myself, is guilty of expressing it more often through words than actions, however, i can say that i also make it a point to show that special someone that i love him.

A very special person asked me what made me say that i am in love, at first i thought he was just asking it to make fun of me, then i realized that the tone of his voice was so serious. I took a minute or two to think about it. Then i answered him, "i know that i am in love with someone when i am in the point wherein i have accepted everything about him.". I thought to myself, yes acceptance. Loving means accepting that person whoever he was and he is, whatever he has or he will have, and wherever life will lead both of you. I thought of that "special someone" and then i felt a pinch in my heart. Experiencing being genuinely in love with someone made me realized two important things. One is that aside from the usual trust, honesty and understanding when it comes to relationship, another important thing to consider is acceptance. When we say acceptance it's not just mere acceptance of what he is NOW, one must be able to accept everything about the person. Everything includes the past, present and future, the happiness, sadness, smiles, and tears that the person may bring to your life. Two is that once you really feel genuine love towards someone no matter how hurt you are, you will always be coming back to him/her. A day wouldn't be complete without you thinking of him for a single moment. Indeed, each has his/her own life even if you are in a relationship, and i know that even though you have to have your own life, one cannot help but still include his/her special someone to his/her own life. 

Loving is not about being at ease thinking that you have someone to be there for you. Loving is about sharing your life to that person and allowing him/her to share his/her life with you. Loving is about accepting the fact that there was once two separate individuals before you even got the chance to be together. Loving is about understanding what he feels, what he thinks and what he desires. Love is about patiently waiting for him/her to come to you to listen to his/her problems and patiently waits for the right time for you to feel love from him/her. Loving is about being fair and allowing yourself to lower down your pride and ego. Love is about unselfishly sharing your happiness and sadness to the one you love without expecting anything. 

I just so love this song...and i think the rhythm of the song suits the post. I cannot helped but cry whenever i listen to this.

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