Thursday, March 24, 2011

Trending: Greenbelt mall's Scandalous Announcement

The said "announcement/restriction"

This announcement was spreading through out major social networking sites creating mixed reactions and feelings. According to the said announcement,  Financially challenged as well as "other disturbing realities" (which i don't really have any idea about) are restricted to the so called Private Controlled environment.  

Representatives of Ayala Land Corporation, however, denied that there's such thing. They said that they don't have any prejudice towards those who belongs to any class lower than B. They also stated that this may be some of hoax made to destroy the establishment's reputation. 

I initially saw this post in Facebook and a friend also posted a caption saying something like "bawal na pala kami dito...:( ". Sad indeed if this is by any means true. On the other hand, it is still in the establishment's owner to decide whether as what he/she thinks best for his/her property. It is just that people, particularly, the Filipinos are not yet open to restrictions like this, for they will feel more degraded. Also, we have to admit that there are stupid, undisciplined individuals out there who prefer not to abide the policies set by the any administrations, this is something that need to be changed first. Gaining discipline and being aware of the consequences that would probably help the administration and majority is the top thing we should prioritize. 

Honestly, i personally believe that it is dependent on the individual whether he/she will be comfortable in entering an establishment like Greenbelt mall, Shangri la Mall, Rockwell Power plant mall, Podium , etc.. I, myself, since we belong to the average class, find myself more comfortable to those places where i get to mingle with people within my class bracket. 

So what do you think about this issue? 

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