Saturday, March 5, 2011

Personal thought: Dental Braces: Off to my two years.

Me after having my braces on
So after how many decisions, sleepless nights, suggestions and dentist, i finally allowed myself to get dental braces. It was February 23, 2011 (wednesday) when i decided to call Dr. C. Uy for an appointment. What i have in my was just consultation. I asked my beloved Mudra to accompany me that day. We waited for my turn to be called by the receptionist. After an hour, the receptionist asked if i'm ready to have the braces attached that day. So i was surprised yet managed to answer YES! Off to the ATM machine to withdraw and brought my ass back to the clinic. 

It wasn't Dr. C. Uy who did the consultation and procedure. It was actually her girlfriend and business partner, Dra. G. Santiago who is as gorgeous as her beau. She examined my x-ray and teeth and afterward explained the procedure and her plans with regard to my case. She is so bubbly and professional, maybe that's why i didn't feel anxious during the entire time of braces attachment. I have to say that i felt so weird and   i can't helped but explore my braces with my tongue. I feel awkward coz i don't have any idea how i look like while talking, while my mouth's closed and while i am smiling or laughing. 

According to Dra. G. in my case, i would be wearing braces for the maximum of two years. Hoping that it would be okay sooner so i don't have to endure the sight of metal stuff in my mouth, mouth sores, hard time in chewing and eating food, etc.

One of the factors that caused me to lose more weight is the dental braces. For the past two weeks, i only had one meal a day and rice is super few because as i have said, i am having a hard time eating. Now i am thin. My cheekbones' more emphasized now. Facial bones are more defined. Boobs and butt became smaller. And worst, i look like a piranha when smiling. :D Funny thing is that i am so conscious now whenever i talk to people coz saliva might fall or smile is super wide and people would be distracted with the metal stuff in my mouth. Bad thing tho, the bracket in the farthest part loosen and i just need to visit my dentist again to have it reattached. :)

But all of these i will endure to be able to achieve a beautiful set of teeth once again. :)

So there you they say, No pain, no gain. 


  1. Good to know there are bloggers like you sharing experience of having a brace or orthodontic treatment. How are you today? Was is straighten already? :)

    Keep Sharing.


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