Saturday, March 5, 2011

Romance: My Dream Date

Dinner with my girlfriends, Venice and Kristine at T.G.I.F the Fort.
Topic: Guys, Love, Speed dating, Dream dates

One of the subject that caught my attention was dream dates. When V and K mentioned their dream dates, my mind was like busy thinking what my dream date would be. Honestly, i don't have any idea what kind of date i would consider as my dream date. 

For me, my dream date would be something that is planned and prepared by my special someone. I love surprises. So i think i'll be really static and "kilig" if it's a surprise thing-y prepared specially for me. Sorry, but i am a hopeless romantic individual who still believes that each and everyone of us has our own fairytale love story. I believe that there is one person planned and destined by God to spend his or her lifetime with us. 

I prefer a location with few people, if possible, i just want it to be me and him, so i have his attention the whole time. hehehe... Kidding aside, i just want to have a quiet time with him, having a good conversation, exchanging jokes and stories, watching a movie, playing wrestling/basketball, cuddling, making faces and giving massages to each other. And to end the night would be never-ending planning for the future, until both will fall asleep. 

And in our sleep, i want to hug him tight and rest my head/ear in his chest so i can hear his heart beat. While he hugs me back to make me feel secure and assurance that he will not let me go. (aw... ;-( ) I want him to be the first person i see once i woke up and i would just stare at him, smiling and silently thanking God for giving me this wonderful person. 

I will prepare the yummiest breakfast in bed for the two of us. :) And the day will continue with me knowing and discovering more about this person. Learning, accepting, believing, trusting, understanding and loving this person. <3

When will i have my dream date?
when will this day come true?
Good things come to those who wait...
for i know God hears what my heart beats.

I just have to prepare myself
and learn not to expect,
instead accept everything that comes my way
and just enjoy what God is giving me.

I surrendered to Him, My heart's desire
for He's the only one who knows
who's destined to be mine 
and for me to be his forever. 

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