Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Personal thought: Surprise Birthday mini party

So it was my boyfriend's special day..
i greeted him a simple happy bday when i was at the office around 12:02 midnight. however he said that he is sad becoz he feels like he's not important to me anymore. i got irritated becoz he thinks that way despite of everything that i have done for him.
when i came home from work i went straight to bed and sleep,
around 2 pm i woke up and prepare myself to go and buy him cake, food and gift.
i am carrying my bag, book, the cake, the other fast food thing that i ordered and the pancit palabok bilao...i was so sweaty and tired but since i love this guy so much that i did those for him. i surprised him. we hug, kiss and cuddle. we havent seen each other for a week and i truly missed him.
I got pissed...he never changed! he doesnt tells me if ever that he is texting someone. haaay.. and then there's this girl who greeted her and then at the end of the message there's a miss u na thing..amf..i am really furious.
i dont reallt know what to exactly feel about him or about what's happening with the relationship. he said that he loves me but i guess that if he'll continue doing this things then i'll be force to let him go.
*happy =)****
*sad =c****

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