Friday, April 17, 2009

Personal thought: My reminder

Here are some of teh stuff i really am looking forward to:

1. i want to dye my hair..(maybe a brown or dark brown color)

2. i want to lose weight...a lot of people are saying that i have gained weight...
i am trying the "Japanese Banana diet" wherein you have to eat banana for breakfast and then a small
meal for lunch..and also do the after 6 diet. ***Hope it works*** (im keeping my fingers crossed)

3. i wanna buy new clothes however i still need to lose!

4. i am going to get a brace for my teeth!! hope it's not painful...

5. i want to buy new hair curler...can't wait!! *wink*

6. i am going to buy new eyelash curler...mine broke!!! ='( i dont like the plastic one...

7. i am going to buy new swimsuits...whatever it takes!!! hahaha

8. i am going to pass the board exam!!! please pray for me!!!

9. i am going to buy ***hhhmmm, thinking!!!*** somethign for myself,,,a lil special i guess!!!

10. i am thinking about my boyfriend..he's too busy to even think of me!!! losing my patince baby!!!

that's all for now...

by the way you can check my friendster account for more pictures...


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