Monday, April 13, 2009

Personal thought: Summer Escapade (Part 1) i come!!!
ok, i thought that we're going to Subic (White Rocks Beach Resort, in particular) however we have learned that it's fully booked.
so what happened?!
Friday afternoon, sleep for a couple of hours, read audit problem and packed my stuff.
we're actually waiting for my tita baby and tito apaw to fetch us becoz we'll be sleeping at their house in Valenzuela before going to Subic the following morning.
so basically, it was my family (mama, me, kong, bigz and koko mark-my cousin in my maternal side) , tita baby's family ( she, tito apaw, windz, shobz, shotz, baby bhein), ching-shotz's partner and mom of bhien, je-windz's ex/ or not bf, ate jen, kuya jayr, brent, ate judy, kuya pong and kid, kuya toto, three wah na po.
we we're supposed to go to Subic and go swimming however je and windz aare discussing on where to stay and check-in. je was the one driving the innova and tito apaw drove the L300 FB. I was at the Innova and slept the whole trip. we had to stop at Gobstooper to wait for tito and the rest that was on the L300. we had a little chat.
je and windz obviously dont know where exactly to go they just follow the signs on the road if ever that they see a beach advertisement. we saw this Anvaya Cove, which i think is under Ayala land, and it is an exclusive beach resort and bet ya' it's really classy at the outside what more in the inside. we went straight ahead following the signage of white corals, coral view and waterfront. Guess where it lead us?!! tada....Welcome to Morong, Bataan!
We have no choice but to stay there rather than go back and insist that we stay in White Rocks. we rented a dormitory for 14 persons, a room with kitchen and a queen cabana. everything in the resort is so costly. you cant bring your rice cooker, you have to pay if you want to cook rice, you have to pay if you want to grill, in short you have to pay everything!!! whew!!!
anyway, when we got there we started eating..yum yum yum! i love chicken drumstick, the shrimps, the pancit canton. hay...i super love going to the!!! i wish my boyfriend was able to come with us. =c
actually i dont have plan of swimming becoz im afraid to get dark but unfortunately due to the consistent demand of my cousins i changed to my swimsuit and splash! the water's cold, i love it! we played and just chill.
afterward, i went to the beach and caught some jellyfish, i was too afraid to touch them but there's this one lady who has been picking jelly fish on the shore and throwing it back to the water. i asked her if its itchy and she said no. but no no, i wont touch the jelly fish. never!
i was the first one to retreat and had my early sleep. i dont know what happened, all i know is that i lied on my bed and poof, zzzzzz!!!
i woke up and checked my phone to see if my boyfriend remembered me and yes he did. also my team manager called me last nigt but wasnt able to answer his calls. amf..i think i know why he called. anyway, i dont wanna ruin my vacation!!
i just had fun, we went boating, snorkling and saw some turte,i think it's called "pawikan"..*cute*
after that we checked out and went back to Subic to have our Zoobic Safari adventure. yeah, the entrance is kinda pricey but you'll sure to have fun. you'll get to meet johnny the celebes ape who also plays as Zorro, the forbidden tree which is actually a large snake, the alpaca, the camel, the ostrich, poodles, dove , parrot and aetas. they did not have the tiger on the live show becoz of course we dont want to die ryt?!!
but bet yah, i had my close encounter with the tiger. im really scared of them. just to hear them growl makes me shout at the top of my lungs. and also we were at the train and the trainer get to feed them with raw chicken. i was really really grossed up. the fangs of the tiger is terrifying. i took pictures. i'll try to post it here.
also, i hate the crocodiles. they are just as deadly as their name fits them. they are so greedy and lazy and gross. hate them. *period*
i was eyeing for a souvenir and i found a bag but guess what i wasnt able to withdrew money so i was waiting for my brother to lend me but he's too slow. the coaster's going to leave already so i wasnt able to buy one.
on our way back to Manila, we ate first at Aristocrat Subic. truly authentic Filipino cuisines! i love the food!!!
we had: kare kare, sinigang na baboy, sinigang na hipon, pork sisig, liempo, crispy pata, fried chicken, pancit canton, pork adobo, beef ampalaya...i forgot the other food!! =c
anyway, as usual on our way i am sleeping, i dont know what happened to me i became very slepy nowadays.
i really love going to the beach. next stop outing after the board exam. my gosh, i hope and pray that i will pass.
till next blog...

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