Monday, April 16, 2012

Beauty: Nitro Canada Vibrating Mascara

Nitro Canada Mascara Pulse Perfection Vibrating
So for the past four months i have been using this mascara product my cousin from Dubai gave me. I am really not a fan of Black Mascara because i prefer just the transparent one. I have blue colored mascara but i used it twice for special occassions. Going back to black mascara, i am too hesitant coz of the mess during application and inconvenience in removing it. But those perceptions changed when i started using Nitro Canada Mlascara Pulse Perfection Vibrating. Yes, you read it right! It is really vibrating. The vibrating effect caused ease and thorough application of the product to the lashes. Aside from the convenience in application, the product helps thickened and lengthen the eyelashes so no need for falsies. 

The product comes in a plastic sealed box of blue and gold

The top of the mascara is where the vibration comes from. From top, the vibration will travel to the tip of the brush. The mascara applicator is different from usual mascaras. Nitro Canada Mascara is 4 in 1 - it is waterproof * Last longer * enhance volume of lashes for more thicker looking lashes * lengthens eyelashes for a more long looking lashes.

cool packaging right?
It's amazing applicator

I am not sure if there are already Nitro Canada products such as this available in the local market. what i do know is that Nitro Canada offers a lot of Beauty and Gygiene products and are very much available in the international market.
Before Mascara application 
After Mascara application
Check out the difference. :)

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  1. I have one f these little beauties, its fantastic, girls go for it, you wouldnt regret :)


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