Saturday, April 7, 2012

Fashion: Bustiers (dress, top, and swimwear)

Pronounced as boos-tee-yay, this form fitting garment gives you nothing but the sexiness and confidence to flaunt the woman figure you got. Before, it was just worn as an innerwear but nowadays we can already wear it as top matched with girly skirts, denim shorts or topped with cool blazers. I've been seeing a lot of online bustier sellers and they got same designs, but we girls look so much for fashion and we always want alternatives or improvements. Luckily, i stumble upon the page of Ms Laureen Uy and found her promo for BOOSTEEYAY. :-)

I checked out BOOSTEEYAY's account on facebook: and here are the cool, girly bustiers stuffs i saw. From colorful designs of bustier dresses, tops and swimweat, they also have cool pretty skirts. And mind you, these stuffs are up for grabs for a very affordable price.

(Photos credit to BOOSTEEYAY)

BOOSTEEYAY- feast your eyes ladies!

BOOSTEEYAY Floral bustier summer dresses
(i personally love these dresses)

Affordable Bustier dresses

BOOSTEEYAY also has available swimwear

BOOSTEEYAY's girl pretty skirts

BOOSTEEYAY Bustier various designs

You can check more of BOOSTEEYAY's items at the HEAT WAVE SUMMER BAZAAR on April 13 to 15, 2012 at the World Trade Center Metro Manila.


  1. wow! very wonderful collection! thanks for sharing this awesome online shop!


  2. Are these for sale?

    1. Yes, i believe so. Kindly check their facebook fanpage link on this post. :)


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