Sunday, April 29, 2012

Info Overload: How to get to mckinley Hill (British embassy &korean embassy)

So you are a commuter and about to work to the high class city Mckinley Hill in the Fort Taguig City, exciting right?! However, there is one problem bugging you and that is the means of transportation. 

Don't fret anymore, because thanks to mrt, lrt, fx and shuttle we can now have an easier time to get our butts to work at the very posh Mckinley Hill, Taguig. 

If you'll be coming from Manila (particularly tondo, sta. cruz, quiapo, binondo), you can take LRT 1 then get off Edsa station, transfer ride to MRT Station. Buy your P10.00 worth MRT Ticket (tell counter that you'll get off Magallanes station). After Ayala station is the Magallanes station. Get off the train at the Magallanes station, go down and walk towards the San Lorenzo Place showroom. The showroom is just at your right side. you'll get inside this San Lorenzo Place compound and will find a bus and fx terminal boind to Mckinley. You will have to buy a ticket for P20.00 each then wait in line. As per those guys in charge in ticket selling, effective May 15 or 25, 2012 (not sure of the date, please let me know if it is 15 or 25 :-), ticket fare will be P25.00 due to increase in operating expenses, terminal charge, etc. By the way, a shuttle driver advised me to buy the pad of ticket for P100.00 because it's cheaper and by buying the pad each ticket will appear to cost P15.00 only. The fx/shuttle will drop you off Accenture, Piazza, Oneworld square and you can inform them to drop you off British Embassy Manila and Korean Embassy. 

Please be reminded that the shuttle bus trip bound to McKinley is till 11:00am only but the fx operates 24 hours. 

Be at the lrt and mrt station early to avoid the huge crowd as well as get to the fx/shuttle bus terminal earlier and avoid the long queue. :-)

If you have any more suggestions, let us know. 

thank you so much!


  1. Thank you for this very detailed directions!:) It's good to know that there are alot of ways of transportation to get here, because in the near future, there would be alot of developments in Mckinley Hill :)

    1. Your welcome! :-) true indeed, a lot of companies in Makati are already transferring to the fort or mckinley hill area. :-)

  2. Maam, are there PUVs if coming from PNR Nichols station? Thanks

  3. Are the fx/vans operating on weekends?

  4. Hi. Can I just clarify your statement about the FX, the fx bound for mckinley operates at any time right? Thanks!


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