Monday, April 23, 2012

Event: Etude House 2nd day Playhouse Pink Fair 2012

Top (Left to Right): Etude Play Fair Pink stage & castle facade entrance
Bottom: Two Etude Playhouse tickets

Like what i have mentioned in my previous post, i got two tickets by winning Meg's promo on face book for this much awaited fairy tale fair. I wasn't able to attend the 1st day of the fair which was held last Saturday, April 21. 2012, wherein the highlights are the beauty skin care talk by Mr. Bo Ram Kim; Beauty advice by Ms. Ning Hilario and Fashion advice from Mr. Levenson Rodriguez. I heard a lot about the activities on the 1st day so i really decided on attending the 2nd day (which is also the last day of the fair). 

At the 2nd floor of SM The Block Atrium, you will find a huge pink castle facade in the middle with a huge crowd of young ladies. I was super excited to see what's going on so i claimed my tickets and registered my name as well as my friend, Rox's name. Once you are inside you'll see their graffiti wall full of messages written by their supporters and attendees. I got to write my own message for Etude too! :)

The long Etude house graffiti wall
The place was indeed full of young ladies, middle age women and some gents who are all busy checking the goodies prepared for them. I walked around and saw on one corner- you can take home cute prizes by joining and winning their games; behind the graffiti wall is the facial cleaning and make over section; near the games corner you will find the photo booth with the pinkish and girlish background ever and at the other corner, people are flocking to get loads of pink cotton candies, pink popcorn, Selecta Cornetto Ice cream and Tous Les Jour pink macaroons. 

Top to Bottom: adorable games; photo booth; food corner; facial care & makeover

I decided to grab a chair as the host, Ms. Earth Philippines 2007 Jeanne Harn dressed in cream colored thin straps dress, welcomed the crowd and mall goers to the event. She looks like the Bossanova Singer, Sitti and overall, she was able to handle the program well and didn't bore the crowd whenever she's on the spotlight. Opening remark was given by the President of Etude House Philippines, Ms. Andrea Amado, who is also very fair and pretty in person. She thanked the attendees and their clients for the support of the two day event as well as the success of their facebook fan page. 

Ms. Earth Philippines 2007, Jeanne Harn

Etude House Philippines- President, Ms. Andrea Amado

Beauty skin care talk was given by Etude House Korea's Beauty Consultant, Mr. Bo Ram Kim. If on the first day he talked about beauty skin care regimen, yesterday's topic is all about ACNE and its treatment. He said that one must know how to prevent and treat pimples, blackheads, white heads to avoid a more serious acne. He mentioned Etude House AC Clinic Skin Care Kit, usage and benefits of the products in treating acne. After the talk, audience were given the opportunity to ask questions and/or clarifications. 

Etude House Korea- Beauty and Skin Care Consultant, Mr. Bo Ram Kim
Etude House's AC Clinic Skin care kit
Aside from the Skin care talk, a talk about Power dressing workshop was given by The Fashion Academy Manila's Mr. Levenson Rodriguez. He mentioned about dressing appropriately for the occasion, being confident on what you wear and to always think of what you are going to wear before you go out so that you'll get used to it. He also advised that two of ladies must haves are beige colored heels to make their legs appear longer and thick belt to make your body looks longer. He said that there should be confidence and mystique in your aura, and for me the bottom line is it is not about the price or brand of what you wear, but how you carry yourself and handle yourself in different situations. 
The Fashion Academy Manila's Mr. Levenson Rodriguez

The attentive crowd during the talks
 For the intermission number, acoustic singer Ms. Stephanie Dan introduced her album containing her rendition of songs from Katy Perry, Jessie J, etc., Can i just say that she seems very kikay and very nice. She rendered songs during the 1st and 2nd sets. Roxy got a copy of her album because i volunteered her to sing with Stephanie Dan. Good thing Rox is a natural born entertainer. :)

Top: Acoustic singer Ms. Stephanie Dan with an audience who showcased her "teach me how to douggie" talent
Bottom Left: She wore this floral dress matched with gem-filled bib during her 1st set
Bottom Middle: Stephanie Dan with Roxy (shimmersandglosses)
Bottom Right: During her 2nd set, she wore pink dress and uber pretty white shoes.
Ms. Younhee Kang of Etude House Korea together with Mr. Bo Ram Kim talked about Beauty Class 101. She taught the audience how to come up with a day and night look with the help of two lucky audience as models. For the evening look, Korean's are known to be fond of the smoky look with heavy eyeliner, while for the morning look- Ms Younhee focused more on the eyes. 

Top: Ms. Younhee Kang doing the NIGHT look
Bottom: Showcasing the DAY look
Announcement of the winners for their Pink Artiste contest was also held on this day. Videos of the finalists were shown on the big screen. 2nd runner up was awarded to Czarina Gaspar; 1st place goes to Charmela Tongson; and the winner of the Pink Artiste Contest is Jeanne "Orange" Tuazon. One of the major prizes was the privilege to be part of Etude House Online Beauty Consultant. Prizes were given by Etude House's Ms. Andrea Amado. 
The winners of the Pink Artiste Contest
Congratulations to Etude House Philippines for the very successful event. Congrats as well to all the winners of Pink Artiste and raffles. :) Rox and I surely had a great time. We had the chance to bond, enjoy the talks, satisfy our sweet tooth and feast on Etude's very nice products. Hope to have more of this event from Etude House Philippines.

Like them on face book for more updates: Etude House Philippines Fan Page

More Photos below:

Etude Mascots


Pink Betsy
Pretty Ballerina in Pink

More games
Roxy playing
Cool games (i forgot the other one)

Photo booth
Roxy likes the pink photo booth background

Facial care & Makeover

The yummy goodies

 There's a Tous les Jours at the ground floor of SM The Block Atrium. They offer yummy Korean pastries. :)

Tous Les Jours Pink Macaroons

                                                                              Selecta Cornetto ice cream ;)

                                    Pink cotton candy and popcorn


Introducing their new products: I am in love with the lipstick
Etude House Skin care products
Meg Magazine


Stephanie Dan and her band
Photo op w/ Stephanie Dan, Mr. Bo Ram Kim & Ms. Younhee Kang
Wore pants because i need to feel comfy and pink jelly flats
(Pink for Etude)

Kuya wearing "Wanna be sweet? PLAY ETUDE" shirt
(I <3 !)

Till next event guys! ;)


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