Saturday, March 31, 2012

Beauty: Bobbie Nail Polish's Vamp

It was a rainy saturday and mudrakels called ate tita (our reliable manicurist/pedicurist) to have her nails polished for tomorrow's event. It's elleian (my niece to a cousin) birthday celebration. :-) 

Originally it was just mudrakels who is going to have her nails done, but thank God for the good mood coz she treated me for a pedicure. Thanks mother! I always always like my nails in bright color and as much as possible enough to make a good impression coz my feet aren't that beautiful and they look manly. So today i brought out my Bobbie Nail Polish in VAMP and asked ate tita to use that shade. I love the color coz meron siyang nakakaputi factor. Aside from that ang relaxing ng colors sa mata and unlike other shades of red mas decent yung pagkared niya. Bobbie Nail polish has a wide varieties of nail polish shades and not just that, very affordable and the polish lasts longer. You dont have to worry din sa pagdry up ng polish coz unlike other nail polish it doesn't dry once stored for a long time. Kasi sometimes we worry how to store it, afraid na baka magtuyo kagad. i experienced that sa other nail polish and super sayang (such a waste diba?!). So Below are the photos of Bobbie Nail Polish in Regular VAMP.

Bobbie Nail polish hot collection in
Bobbie Nail Polish in 4ml bottle

Before: Pardon for the ugly feet and nails. :-/
i don't let anyone aside from ate tita to do my manicure/pedicure .
so i really have to wait for her availability pa.
Look how pretty sexy red shade it is.
feet looks better din diba?:-)

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