Friday, March 30, 2012

Beauty: Bleu Nuit Professional Make up Blush

BLEU NUIT Professional Make up's Blush in Bubble Blush shade is one of my treasured cosmetics coz i bought it myself for a very high price. As you all know i am very much a kuripot when it comes to stuff but for food i do spend a lot. For 65 rmb (renminbi) i got this blush during my work/travel stint in Beijing, China. Mind you, there are a lot of international, high end beauty products in the China markets and i have realized that Chinese women are not hesitant to spend so much for beauty and fashion. 

Bleu Nuit (blue night) Bubble blush gives me the natural glow. It's cream gel form makes it easier for me to apply and spread it evenly unto my cheeks. Sometimes when i am in a hurry, i skip the powder blush and just use this blush. Perfect matte finish that last longer than powder blush and leaves a hint of sparkle rosy glow. I have been using this blush and i can attest that it didn't cause any allergy. I just totally love the packaging, texture and scent.

I am not sure if we already have this brand in the Philippines but once it penetrates the local market i am sure it is gonna be a great buy!


In Bubble blush shade distributed by Shencai

see that natural rosy glow


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