Monday, April 4, 2011

For laughs: Mrs. World 2006 Crowning Booboo!

This video is full of comedy, suspense and drama. Watch as former Mrs. World mistakenly crowned the proclaimed FIRST RUNNER UP Mrs. Costa Rica instead of the REAL Announced Mrs. World winner Mrs. Russia. 

Observe how Mrs. Costa Rica reacts, she wasn't even surprised nor she opposed it when the sash and crown was worn to her. Observe how the fellow finalists joyfully hugged and kissed Mrs. Costa Rica. And check what their reactions were when they took another shot of the announcement scene, they did not even bother giving Mrs. Russia a kiss or hug or even approached her when she asked them to be on her side. See how the other candidates comforted and reacted about the situation. 

Well, maybe they think that Mrs. Costa Rica was more deserving than Mrs. Russia. What do you think?


  1. Mrs. Russia deserve it.. She is beautiful and very kind. I know, I've seen her in an event once in St. Petersburg with her husband. The fellow contestants who walked off stage are jealous.
    No doubt Mrs. Russia is the winner!

  2. Nope. The contest was fixed, the other ladies didn't even see mrs. Russia on the preliminary events. She was just there during the coronation night.


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