Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Romance: Sweetest acts

Here i go again struck with my ever hopeless-romantic personality. I remember being told by my good girlfriend Kristine Albano that i am a damsel in distress. I always think of love and relationship as fairy tales. Yes, bad times, pain and heartaches are there but for me, it would always be something that is fun fun fun love. 

I always find it "kilig" whenever i see couples on the street or in the malls showing affection to each other. Bitterness aside, even though there were times when i am single and would tell myself that i don't like seeing couples cuddling in front of me, deep inside i feel their mushiness. Oh yes, i am one hopeless romantic lady. So today, i have received a surprise from someone. The day did not started well. Traffic killed me, Mudra dear's unsolicited opinion pissed me and my younger brother Stanley bullied me. Good thing there was someone who lighten up my day. Someone sent a long stemmed white rose at home. And then i thought of writing about sweet or romantic acts.

Check them out and you may apply it also.:)

1. Ladies love it when they read your Good morning, Good afternoon and Good evening message. It's a great feeling to know that you are being remembered.

2. A single text/quote a day is enough. That's all. You don't need to flood her with messages because it will just piss her.

3. Call her at times, ask her how her day was...good start of a conversation.

4. Ladies like being praised. Notice her clothes, her aura, her smile and her mood. 

5. I am fond of guys with sense of humor. I would spend time with people who knows how to throw good clean jokes.

6. During a lunch or dinner or in the middle of a conversation, tell her how pretty or beautiful she is. It will make her blush but tell you, they appreciate it. 

7. Out of her busy day as well as your busy day, send her a short message telling her she is being missed. Or tell her that you want to grab a single moment of her busy day just to let her know that you think of her.

8. Give her flowers for no special occasions. Seriously! It doesn't have to be Valentine's day, Monthsary or Anniversary for you to give her flowers. Remember, flowers have different meanings. Choose one that suits what you want to tell her.

9. Make effort in letting her know that you are her knight in shining armor. :)

10. Women are sensitive. Every word you say to her has a strong impact on her. She may not tell you or not show you her reactions, still you must think before you say something. Women when in love are patient, but when they get tired and lost all patience, you can never forced her to bring back the feelings she once had for you.

Any suggestions you guys? :)

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