Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Personal affair: Secret facts, not so secret anymore.

I have so much available time and i am bored to death waiting for someone to check on me. Anyway, here goes some survey thing-y i have found.

think of JUST ONE PERSON and i mean ONLY ONE :D then answer these questions basing it only to that ONE PERSON :) HAVE FUN :D

1. he/she your friend in friendster or facebook?
- Yes.

2. why'd you pick him/her for this survey?
- because he was the first person i thought of when i have read the instruction.

3. what song do you remember when you think of that person?
- Terrified by Katherine McPhee

4. why?
- Because it was the first song i heard when i started falling in love with him again

5. is the height okay?
- Yes, he is taller than me.

6. good at dancing?
- Errr...i haven't seen him danced. Yet i had the chance to actually danced with him.

7. does the person look like any of the celebrities or something?
- No.

8. have you seen the person get mad?
- I saw him got pissed but not mad.

9. how about smile?
- Yes. :) Especially when he teases me.

10. cry?
- Yes.

11. what does he/she love to wear?
- He loves to wear shorts and shirts.

12. does he/she make you happy?
- Before, Yes. But now, i don't think so.

13. is he/she a big part of your life now?
- Even though we are in a very confusing situation, i still have to say that yes he is a big part of my life.

14. name an object that would remind you about the person.
- Certainly not an object, but Baclaran church. :,(

15. you guys friends?
- Yes, we are.

16. you guys ever hang?
- Not anymore. He wouldn't even care about me anymore.

17. did he/she ever give you something? anything?
- None.

18. you've got a codename for that person?
- I do have have one.

19. you think the person would read this and get a hint that your thinking about him/her?
- No, i don't think so. He has more priorities and i am not one of them.

20. what would you want to say to the person?
- I love you, goodbye

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