Wednesday, March 16, 2011

People: My eye-candies!

I have huge crush on these hotties. I don't have any crush with anyone but them. :) Geez... i feel like a high school gal again. I based my classifications with their looks and their hot bods. :) 

Anton Del Rosario

Aside from the fact that he is a member of the famous Philippine football team, Azkals. Anton is a total hottie with a very funny personality. I find his looks very "pilyo" and very sweet. He also sports a clean hair cut and his eyes and smiles are very beautiful. Not to mention his very chiseled body and towering height. I also like his skin color. :) 
Full name: Anton Edward Quimson del Rosario
Birth date: 23 December 1981 (age 29)
Height: (5 ft 11 in)
Sport: Football

Rich Herrera

Way back in high school when i would frequently read teen magazines, i would always find this hunk everywhere. Back then he used to sports a very boy-next-door look, but as he gets older he gets yummier. Err..Pardon the word, it should be Hotter and Hunkier. I saw him again during the airing of the Amazing Race Asia wherein He and his best friend Richard Hardin, tagged as the Riches, represent the Philippines and was declared the champions of that TARA season. Now you can see him every afternoon at The Price is right in ABS-CBN channel 2. I don't find his hair-do in the program very likable though. <3
Rich Herrera
Marc Nelson

The first time i laid my eyes on Marc Nelson i know that he is someone i can consider one of my lifetime crushes. He is a living proof that there is a truly Tall, Dark and Handsome guy who can sweep any woman off her feet.  Aside from having a good-looking face, a hot perfectly chiseled body, this guy is also very sporty/athletic. The reason why i watch Sports Unlimited  is to see Marc Nelson courageously doing all the sports and challenges. I also find his British accent very sexy. 

Marc Saw Nelson

Marlon Stockinger

I know that he is too young to be my crush, but i just cannot helped it. He is just too cute for me to even resist. This young lad has the face of an angel and an appeal of a matinĂ©e idol. And do you know that this cutie is an F1 racer? Social right?! :) Good news is that he speaks fluent Filipino. 

Marlon Alexander Stockinger
April 4, 1991

Derek Ramsay

Model turned actor Derek Ramsay is my love forever. I see him as the real "Machete" with his manly facial features, perfectly chiseled body, sun-kissed skin, perfect gentleman and boyfriend personality as well as being so athletics. DEREK RAMSAY equates HOT HUNK. :)
I remembered when i first heard about his name i was kinda shocked. My friend and high school barkada Zenda Tan  and I were talking about coming up with an imaginary hot boyfriend. We started describing the "imaginary boyfriend" and came up with a name for him. We ended up thinking of a name, Derek Ramsey. Now i think, me and derek are destined to be together. :) Hehehe...

Derek Arthur Ramsay
December 7, 1979

James Younghusband

He is known as the other Younghusband in the famous Philippine football team, Azkals.  The eldest brother of Phil Younghusband and the soft-spoken one. James has this nice guy looks that make the women all over the country swooning over him. He has this tall and slender body and a clean and good-looking appearance. Bad news though, He already admitted that he is in a relationship. 
James Joseph Placer Younghusband
September 4, 1986

So tell me, who are your crushes? :)

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