Saturday, March 12, 2011

Personal thought: Dancing is my passion

I started dancing when i was in kindergarten. I was in Kinder 2 when my English teacher asked my mudra if i can be the lead in a "Sound of Music" musical. It's not really that complicated stint. I was just at the center and sitting at a chair in my light green gown singing the part of Teacher Maria. While my classmates are scattered around me singing the part of the children while some are holding placards with DO, RE, MI, and so on, in it. After that, i hastily had costume changed for a dance which was choreographed by our Chinese teachers. I remember wearing a tube top and a skirt. The song was Shake body body dancer.  hahahaha...still can't help but laughed whenever i remember the dance moves and the song.

So basically, i was honed to be a good dancer. ehem. I am always a participant during intermission numbers and or competition. And one of my favorite dance would be Cheerleading/Cheerdancing. I don't really have any plans of joining the squad back in high school. My classmate Jacz Chua invited me to try out since she has been wanting to join the squad, so okay, i went with her during the try out. It was me, Jacz and Joan from our class/section. The adviser of the SSHS Cheerleading squad back then was the late Ms. Bambi Kho [Joan's mom and a very good person/teacher]. Our choreographers/trainers were also SSHS alumni and former cheerleaders, Ms. Ai Gaw, Ms. Jo and Ms. Karen. I was accepted during the first try-out and Joan was in the waiting list while unfortunately for Jacz she was not chosen.

Four years in high school, i was very active in dancing, singing, acting and studies. I was able to balanced my studies and dancing. I also did some choreography for some dance programs and competitions. Above all, my heart and soul was with cheerleading. I trained, lead and danced with the whole squad. I think it is my loud voice and love for the art and squad that made me so dedicated to it. I am known as the cheerleader and dancer of the batch. :) In college was different, i tried auditioning for DLSU Pep Squad but my parents didn't allow me to continue on with the audition. So when i had the chance to practice with the squad i grabbed the opportunity, and i remembered when the squad leader asked me to join their team. However, i was too afraid to disappoint my parents. As much as i wanted to, i just can't. I told her that i am happy with the opportunity like joining their practice, and that is enough for me. In San Beda College, it is a different story. I believed that i can balanced studies and dancing. However, there are certain events that made me not continue with trying out with the school's squad. I just joined the school's dance team, Bedan Dance Theatre, and i am happy coz they were like the first family i had in SBC. I was lucky because i was chosen by the Org's president to participate in a dance number for an important event. Many reacted negatively saying that i didn't even undergo the try-out and there i am dancing. But who cares, i think i can dance and i can dance, so i don't care. :) My first performance was a wacked! My pants were falling off during the dance number and i was too conscious. 

Going back to cheerleading, i had the chance to show my gymnastic skills when the SBCA and BDT merged for the Nestle cheerleading competition. :) One of the highlights of my college life. Good thing, i was able to preserve the uniform and the jacket. :)

it is so midriff-y

Super short skirt

Good thing i can still fit in them. The uniform was designed by a fellow cheerleader/dancer. We also have the jacket with our name at the back. In college, the shorter the skirt the better, i think?! :)

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