Monday, March 7, 2011

Personal thought: My Prayer for today (3.7.2011)

Dear Papa God,

First of all, i wanna say sorry if ever i have hurt you in any way. I know that i am not perfect and i am not aiming for perfection. I would rather sometimes commit mistakes so that i will learn more and apply that learnings to my future. Good Father God, sorry if i have said something bad about someone or something, if i thought something bad about someone or something, and if my day was very unproductive.

Dear Father God, I know that you love me soooo much. I know that you have so much good plans for me. Lord, sana ito na. Sabi nila, Good things come to those who wait. Uy...see, i am waiting, so patiently. And i noticed a lot of opportunities are knocking on my door. Oh my dear Lord, which is which?! :) I love you.

Another thing dear Father God, thank you for introducing me to a beautiful, wonderful family. I am just so thankful for giving me the chance and opportunity to meet and know them. I feel so much love whenever i am with my new family. I pray that you will continue blessing them with all the good things they deserve. Thanks a lot Papa God. :) And by the way, please don't forget to take care of him. I know that he's handling huge responsibilities (as huge as he is na nga e!) :) I understand that he has so much priorities and i accepted that fact already. I will just be here for him, hoping and praying for him. Please please please make him realized that he's not alone, and that he can trust the people around him who genuinely love him. <3 

God, Mudra's birthday is fast approaching. OHEMGEE! I pray and hope for her all the best in the world. I love her more than i love myself, same goes to my Father dear. I would give my life for them. I maybe a hard headed, stubborn and tough sometimes, but i know You know that deep inside me, it has always been my Parents and my brothers. I super duper love them. They are at the left valve of my heart. ;)

Sorry for so much demand my Dear Lord, but please please please, extend my prayers to my relatives, friends and acquaintances, as well as those abandoned kids, orphans, abused children and elders. And lastly, peace on earth dear God. No one deserves to suffer under the hand of any human. You are only one who is entitled to punish and no one else. 

I love you dear God. I love you Jesus. I love you Mother Mary.

I miss you Mother of Perpetual help, i miss you St. Jude, I miss you Black Nazarene.

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