Saturday, March 5, 2011

People: My girlfriends

(Photo credits to Ms. Venice Clarina)

(L-R: Kristine Albano, Joni Lyn Marcelo, Venice Clarina, Raiza Argel and yours truly)

We all have our sets of barkada, gang, group, cliques, etc., whatever you want to call it. 
For me, i have my girlfriends. Pretty girls with different personality yet we still managed to stick together and stand up for each other. Whenever we're together we just laugh and share updates regarding love, career and whatever topic we can think of. I just love these girls for they are genuinely beautiful inside and out.

So for you to better have an idea about each of my lovely girlfriends, here's some info about them.

Joni Lyn Marcelo

Joni is the cutest girl in the group.
Very sweet and soft-spoken.
Graduated with a degree in FinMa.
Currently taking up Accountancy.
She's from Romblon.

Kristine Albano

The very outspoken and funny tenten.
She is a loud mouth but very sensible.
Calm and patient
the events planner
the sexy Dancer
a CPA and BIR officer-able
the other "twin"

Raiza Alexis Argel

Raiza is the most mahinhin and dalagang filipina among the group
Very dedicated to her career
Super sexy and pretty
And certified Ilocana.
Raiza is from Ilocos Sur

Venice Antonette Clarina

The most confident and sweet venice.
She is the sugar and spice in the group
she is lovable
Venice is our love
She never fails to make you feel better
My constant companion in  love hardship :D
Has very strong personality
Bitchy when situations need her to be one.
Pretty venice likes make up so much
The business woman.


  1. oh love...ngayon ko lang nakita to..this is sweet...hehehehe

  2. love, ngayon ko lang nakita to!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    - ven


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