Monday, March 7, 2011

Trend: Failed Product Commercial: Angelica Panganiban- Pantene Nature Care

There are a lot of TV commercials that made me think if the project was truly carefully brainstormed, planned and decided upon by the advertising companies. It is not a secret to us how much money is need for the product's marketing and/or promotions. Aside from hiring an Advertising agency to come up with a good and persuasive TV commercial, one of the most important things to consider is the endorser. Majority of today's products endorsers are celebrities. 

Above is the clip of the Pantene shampoo TV commercial which is endorsed by one of the leading young actresses in the biz today, Angelica Panganiban.

You may ask why i think this is a failed product commercial. Well, basically, just who would believe that someone can have a hair with this volume and bounce. See the photo below? Isn't it a funny if you have that hair around your face "volumed" just like that. Focus on what seems to be a side swept bangs. Seriously! Do you think you can deceive consumers with this kind of ad. I think there is an exaggeration and deception in the advertisement. Therefore, i conclude, commercials nowadays are not just informative and entertaining, they are also big moving deception.

Screenshot of the Pantene commercial

I am sorry but i just can't helped but laugh everytime i see this commercial.

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