Thursday, May 6, 2010

Trend: May 2010- Events in the Philippines during the month

We are now in the last month of summer in the Philippines. Yes, it is summer here, and i have to say that it is the hottest summer of all times. I guess we need to blame ourselves. This is now one of the result of our wrongdoings to our Mother Earth. Global warming ei?!

I have to take note here in this post the different events that are happening now in the Philippines. People abroad might wonder what keeps the Filipinos during this month. So I will give you all an idea of what we are doing.

1st: The Philippine National Election
Yes! This the time that we are gonna be electing the new leader of our countries as well as all the officers for the national position. May 10, 2010(Monday) is the exact date for this election, and this is the first time that this country will be conducting their electronic election. With the use of the PCOS-Precinct Count Optical Scan machine which was developed by the Smartmatics, according to them, will provide a more accurate and faster voting. (which me and majority of the Filipinos doubt). In my opinion, manual voting is still more accurate though it will take more days for the results.

2nd: Summer Outings
Just like any other citizens of the world, we, Filipinos, love summer outings. We usually go to the beach with families, friends or colleagues. Aside from the beach, we also have a lot of resort with pools which i personally like, since i think that i will not get dark whenever swimming in a pool. If you are rich or have saved a lot of money, then you can afford to go abroad in countries like US, Hongkong, Singapore, etc.

3rd: Flores De Mayo
This is a festivity which usually conducted by different barangay, district or community in the urban and rural areas in the Philippines. The traditional Flores de Mayo or Sagala portrays how Queen Helena (Reyna Elena), mother of Constantine the Great, searches and finds the Holy Cross. You usually see this procession of many beautiful ladies and handsome gentlemen of barangays/communities portraying different characters. However, it would be a great honor if you will be chosen Queen Helena, because aside from being considered the most beautiful, you also have all the eyes of the people on you. Currently, there are places in the Philippines that conduct Sagala with not women as participants, but gays. Yes, you read it write. Gays are now doing their own version of Sagala, which is strongly opposed by the Catholic church. There will always be two sides, that is why if there are people who are against the gay Sagala, there are also people who are okay with it. They think that it is more fun to see Gay people at Sagala.

4th: Mother's Day
Happy Mothers' day to all the mothers in the world. Thank you for bringing life to the world. Thank you for providing love, support, time, guidance and understanding to all of your children.

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