Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Beauty: Nivea Sun Care Products

I often see my mudra dear (term i used to call my mother. "MUDRA" is a gay lingo for mother) applies lotion thoroughly on her body, moisturizer or sunblock on her face and neck, and a whole lot more. And i am just there at the corner, curious and wondering why she bothers so much on putting all those stuff on her. So one day i came up to her and told her my concern while she was applying her sunblock onto her face. 

Wanna know what she did? 

She pointed these freckles-looking brown spots on her face, and then she brought her arm close to mine wanting me to compare the two. Her arm looks healthier, shinier and smooth, while mine's dry, not smooth compares to hers and white but no glow. I felt a teeny weenie envy coz yes, i am whiter than she is, but her skin looks healthier. And when i say healthy skin, it is smooth and glows. Unlike mine, which is dead white. :-/ She told me that i  should start religiously apply lotions, moisturizers and sunblock to avoid regreting all the damaging effects of pollution, heat of the sun and sun rays. Asked her what products she uses, opened her closet and saw numerous nivea products from whitening, moisturizers and lotions. One avid fan of Nivea she is.

Since we are suffering from scorching summer heat, everyone is advised to apply sunblock on your face and neck and use lotions with spf to avoid the har,ful effect of the sun. Remember to check the spf! :-) NIVEA Philippines has a wide range of sun protection products to choose from based on your preference. For everyday use, you can choose Nivea Whitening Daily Face Fluid and for the kids, you can let them used the Nivea Sun Kids Swim & Play. (see photos above)

You may also like to check out the other must have summer sun care products of Nivea such as the Nivea Sun Oil Spray that will surely provide your skin with that beautiful tan, Nivea after sun spray and Nivea Protection Transparent spray.

To learn more of their wide range of sun care products and detailed benefits, please visit their website at

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