Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Trending: 10 Stupid things you do in a social media

Social media is named aptly so because it's a tool to be social. Unfortunately, there are many amongst us who do the most inane things on Facebook and Twitter that makes you roll your eyes, drop your jaw and sometimes is downright pathetic.
1.People who think their every movement should be announced.

We know you're bored whilst sitting on the toilet. But maybe, instead of tweeting about your bowel movements today, as you always do, maybe you should read about what's happening in the world on Yahoo! News for a change. Likewise, we don't need to know how much milk your "hardworking breasts" lactated for your newborn. True story!

One funny sample was from a friend's status: "Masarap gumebs while facebooking... ;)"
2. People who change their relationship statuses every other week.

Make up your mind - are you single? Are you in a relationship? Is it complicated? It's not too hard

3. People who are in a relationship with their BFF

You might think its so kawaii to be in a relationship with your girlfriend, because you are best friend forever- its NOT! Grow up.

FYI, Kawaii is a Japanese term for "cute"
4. Setup Facebook accounts for your 2-year-old kid, or worse, your dog!

We'd like to see the day your dog gets trained to log on to his own Facebook account. 

***What's sillier was whenever you get to read made up post of dogs/.babies. Geez.
5. Woe is me statuses.

You know those people - ‘my life sucks because my daddy doesn't want to get me a yacht for my birthday' or ‘this is the worse day of my life because my husband cancelled on dinner because he had to work to support my extravagant lifestyle.' Suck it up and stop.

***I know some people who are like this.
6. Adding People You Don't Know

We're not sure what it is - to up your ‘friends' numbers or to seem like you're friends with the cool kids. When you add somebody, a pop up screen comes on telling you that you should "only send this request if you know him or her personally." How do people miss this disclaimer?

*** And i am totally does not agree to this. Come on, some stuff are worth keeping to your circles only.
7. Write on a Facebook Wall instead of communicating privately

The driving force behind the success of Facebook is...vanity. People love the idea that others are watching what they're doing. But seriously! We don't need to know what names you call your boyfriend and what you're planning to do to him tonight.

*** I am guilty. However, i have a good explanation to this. Either i don't have load credits OR they are responding more on facebook than any other means.
8. Tagging drunken pictures of your friends

Yes, it's funny. But chances are, his boss and his mother are also on Facebook. You don't want to go out for a big one on a weeknight, have to call in sick for work the day after only to have your boss tell you that he's already seen photos of you sh*tfaced crawling in the gutter on Facebook. If you don't want that to happen to you, don't do it to your friends.

*** That is why you have your privacy setting. I just don't know if they will still appear at your friends' news feed though.
9. Children on Facebook

Facebook bans 20,000 kids from their site everyday, and we're glad this is done. Parents need to be more diligent with policing their children on social media, and they should be educated on social media etiquette in school. Sexual predators are nothing to joke about.

***That is why let's guide our children in their internet activity. 
10. Animal Farms and Fish Tanks

I have a job, I don't want to feed virtual sheeps. You need to get off your computer and get a life.

*** So true...so stop inviting me to cityville. I get to play family feud but i am not a fan of any other games app
 By Fazilah Abdul Gaffa for Yahoo! Singapore

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