Sunday, April 10, 2011

Pageants: Current events: Bb. Pilipinas 2011 Top 15 Questions

Bb. 6 Patricia Tumulak
Judge Charo Santos Concio: what is the best piece of advice you can give a a teenager today?

Bb. 8 Tina Marasigan
Judge Alex Cabagnot: if there is one incident in the world you would change what would it be?

Bb. 11 Diana Arevalo
Judge David: when you were child , what was your dream in the future? and what was it change?

Bb. 13 Queenie Rehman
Judge Hans Danenberg: Aside from the members of your family, who is your personal hero and why?

Bb. 16 Sabrinne Al-Tawil
Judge Cristino Bong Naguiat Jr.: What do you think Filipinas made nowadays to win international competition?

Bb. 19 Wendy Lucas
Judge Gilbert Simpao: what is that one experience in your life that molded your personality or change your perspective in life?

Bb. 23 Luzelle Felipe
Judge Anthony Charlemagne Yu: you are to write a letter to the President of the Phil, what would you tell him and why?

Bb. 25 Isabelle Manjon
Judge Ernie Lopez: Our father is capable of doing the mothers work and vice versa?

Bb. 26 Shamcey Supsup
Judge Hugh Wilson: How would you identify your self and why?

Bb. 27 Janine Tugunon
Judge Margie Moran Florendo: What is a major major lesson that men can learn from women?

Bb. 30 Kath Subijano
Judge Eduardo Oban Jr.: What gives you peace of mind?

Bb 32 Jenn Roe Gubat
Judge Hon Sec Edwin Lacierda: in the wake of chaos in the world how is winning the crown important and relevant to you

Bb. 33 Dianne Necio
Judge Silvana Fornari: what is your biggest accomplishment today? and what is your biggest goal for the next 12 months?

Bb 34 Mary Jean Lastimosa
Judge Charo Santos Concio: Can you please name three things that made you smiled and why?

Bb. 37 Sarah Clenci
Judge Anthony charlemagne yu: what do you like to change about yourself?

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