Friday, April 1, 2011

Happenings: April 1 is Swatch Zebra Day at Rockwell Power Plant Mall

(Rowell Santiago directed five videos for the Swatch Zebra Day promotion)

It is April 1 and yes, it is April Fool's day! And aside from that, today is also the SWATCH Zebra Day at Rockwell. What the fudge?! Seriously, spot for yourself 100 zebras at the Rockwell mall today! 

25 cities all over the world will celebrate Swatch Zebra Day today and there are lots of Zebra promos going around various Social Networks. In the Philippines, Swatch tied up with Rockwell Power Plant Mall to celebrate this freebies-full day with tons of activities and prizes to be given away. The Swatch Team will be awarding best dressed guests who will come in Zebra, Striped and Neon outfits. 

Watch out for the opening of the new store in the second level of the mall. 

So what are you waiting for?

The event will start at 5:30pm.

Wanna win a cool Swatch Zebra watch?

Here's another way to win one:

1. With your phone camera or digital camera, spot human zebras and take pictures of them at the five Swatch color stations all over the mall:

   5 Stations:
    - By the big zebra at the North wing (2nd level)
    - At the Swatch Pop-up store (2nd level)
    - Find the CHARADE playing zebras at the 2nd or 3rd level
    - And at the Cinema (3rd level)

2. After completing the five stations, show pictures at the event site located at the Archaeology Main Hall to claim your precious prize. 

Remember FIRST 20 to complete the challenge will win.

Swatch Zebra watches (photo credits: Chuvaness)

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