Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Beauty: WISH's Foot care collection

Wish foot care collection

I am a self-proclaimed compulsive buyer of new stuff. When i see something new and that thing arouse my curiosity, i immediately buy the stuff. That was something that i should change. One of the things i considered not necessary but since i was so curious about it, i bought the Wish Foot care collection. I don't have the perfect feet. I always think that mine look likes a guy's feet. :) I began putting extra care on them when i was in college. I had regular foot spa and pedicure. I learned to religiously apply lotions in my whole body. 

Wish foot care collection comes in Foot scrub, Foot soak, Foot lotion and a pumice. I love the lavender scent of the collection. I have to say that aside from the scent, these products also promise good result. I always use the foot lotion in exchange for the usual body lotion. Every morning and before sleeping, i make it a point to apply Foot lotion and wear socks. The Foot lotion has a relaxing effect due to the cool feeling that you will immediately feel. 

For my toe nails, my Mudra dear and our favorite manicurist Ate Liezl (who is also a neighbor, good thing), always laughed at my toe nails. Mudra dear would always mention how tiny my finger nails and toe nails are. She said that i have the finger nails and toe nails of a child. Before, i always remind the manicurist not to do anything with regard to my ingrown. However, Ate L forgot it and she actually cut it. So there, i am now not-ingrown free! Boo! Yet, I am thankful that i haven't experienced the pain of having one. yes...yes...yes...! I like it when my nail polish is dark red/sexy red. It looks good since my feet and hands are white. I am more inclined with the simple or basic nail polish and i am not really a fan of those stylish nail polish but i am just in awe whenever i get to see people creating whose wonderful nail crafts.

Wanna see how little my toe nails are? 

Pardon my right foot! It looks like an old man's foot. HA-HA-HA

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