Monday, March 14, 2011

Beauty: Watson's Sakura bella bath and body product

Watson's Sakura Bella Bath and Body products

So it was within the first week of March when SM Department store finally launched Watson's Sakura Bella bath and body products. The products have captivating scent, nice pretty packaging and the products itself are a must haves. These have Cherry blossoms scent and come in a very affordable price. People might think that these are expensive because of the scent and the packaging which is almost like other a popular brand but are much expensive.

The collection contains Sakura bella Body scrub, Sakura bella shower gel and Sakura bella hand and body lotion. :) I use separate lotion for my bottom and tummy, for my upper body and hands, for my legs and for my foot. For my bottom and stomach, i use Sakura Bella hand and body lotion. Good thing about these products is that after using any of these products you will feel so relax and refreshing because the scent stays longer and that your skin is really smooth. 

I tell you these products should be included on top of your must-try! :)

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