Thursday, March 17, 2011

Personal Affair : Grew up doing household chores

We are only five (5) in the family, Papa Dearest, Mudra Dear, Me, Kong and Ading. We just live in a Chinese type apartment with our Chinese and Filipino neighbors. We own a house in Pasig and in Laguna, however, my parents opt to rent here since the place is accessible to our schools and that according to my Papa Dearest he feels at peace because he knows our neighbors. Fine, though i think, his true reason was that he doesn't want to leave the place where he grew up. Whenever he's home, he would be frequently seen at Ongpin, Binondo, Sta. Cruz and Quiapo. He is a Manila boy, indeed! 

Since we are only 5 in the family and my parents cannot afford to hire a house helper before because they are sending us to school, paying for all the bills and also helping out their other siblings. My parents trained us to do household chores. We are assigned with each task. For example, i would always swipe off dirt and dust in every appliances and displays that we have, sweeping the floor and sometimes i do the "pagbubunot" of the floor. Every day that is our routine. Usually it is my brothers task to clean the fan, do scrubbing of the floor and make the bed. After eating, usually it's either me, K and seldom A do the washing of the dishes. Meaning, if you cook the rice, then another person among us will wash the dishes. But i always end up doing both especially when my Papa dearest is abroad and it is just me, Mudra dear and brothers who are left. I got bored and tired doing the same tasks every day. Good thing though because i truly appreciate the experiences and learnings i have obtained. The two tasks that i am not really good at would be doing the laundry and ironing of the clothes. I don't wash clothes because i easily get wounded every time i washed my clothes, but i force myself to learn and wash my under garments. I am not also aware of the do's and don'ts when it comes to doing the laundry. There was one time when i was assigned in China. I was with my Senior Ms. Johanna Lynn Chua and since laundry in China is so expensive we were forced to do our own laundry. One time, i bought a detergent soup in the grocery. I was super thrilled to use the soap because of the scent and the color that it emits whenever put in the water, (By the way, i was washing a green turtle neck sleeveless top then). I was amused because the water in the sink turned greenish-blue, i even told myself that China's detergent soup is so cool. So i continued using it, then the next cloth i washed was the light yellow long sleeves. I was shocked coz' the latter became kinda green-ish. After 15 minutes i have realized that the green color came from the green turtle neck and it is friggin' messin up with the yellow clothe. (SAD!). Another time i messed up was with ironing. I volunteer to iron my brothers' uniform since my mudra dear was with my Papa. To my surprised, i burned his polo shirt. Boo! I was crying when i told my parents about it. Mudra got mad but Papa dear understood and just told me not to iron any thing anymore. HAHAHA...

I love cooking and washing the dishes. I also like cleaning the house when i am in the mood and when there is no one around me to watch over me. Some thinks that i don't know any household chores but once they see me do these tasks they are either surprised or impressed. :)

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