Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pageants: Say what photos of Bb. Pilipinas 2011 candidates

These photos supposed to be the candidates glamor shots and was the one used for the People's choice voting. However, there are some weird flaws seen in some candidates photos. Check the photos below, maybe we both have the same sentiments.

Bb. Pilipinas 2011 Candidate Sabrine Al-Tawil

Mind you, Sabrine was one of my bets to win any of the major titles in the Bb. Pilipinas 2011 pageant. However, my goodness, this photo of her did not give her any justice. Come on, when i first saw this, i thought "GAY". Her face looks masculine and what's with the nose line. Now i am thinking whether that's her real nose or she had nose job. 

Bb. Pilipinas 2011 Candidate Chloe McCulley
On the part of former 26k case girls Chloe, maybe the make up artist was either confused of what he/she was doing or he/she is fond of eyebrows. "kaloka". Another photo that can ruin the chance of a candidate.

Bb. Pilipinas 2011 Candidate Sarah Clenci

She is very pretty in her previous shots but how come in this photo which is also the most important one, she doesn't appear to be all glammed up in a way that people will recognize her. Obviously the photographer or editor did some magic in the candidates' photos, geez, might as well clean those unruly stress that she has. And another thing, they should have minimize the size of the pageant's name/logo so as not to overlap with the candidates' faces.

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