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Trend: Tong Yang Hotpot 冬陽火鍋

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Hi there!

It has been another "sick" and "unlucky" day for me. Yesterday at the office, i accidentally bumped to the table and my colleague's tumbler (with water inside) fell to my foot then to the floor. It hurts a lot that i even hurriedly sat down to the floor and was about to cry. Anyway, enough of what had happened. So i did some work at home. Thanks to B for sharing with me, his ever helpful token. yeeho...

And now, i present to you the real subject: Tong Yang Hotpot located along Quezon Ave. just a few streets aways P99 steak house.

If you are looking for an eat-all-you-can/cook-your-own-food/korean-chinese style restaurant, then i suggest go to this place. I believe that they also have branches in Jupiter St (Makati city), SM and in Davao. Since i had my first Tong Yang experience in Quezon Ave. I will be blogging more about this place.

NAMETONG YANG HOTPOT (冬陽火鍋) which means "winter sun hotpot" in english.

Restaurant (Hotpot); Chinese / Korean inspired-Chinese because of the hotpot at the center of the table; as well as the food choices which includes dumplings; kangkong; siomai; seafoods, etc.
Korean because the hotpot comes with the grilling pan. Where you grill/fry everything you want to eat.

They have a variety of food. They have US import Beef, pork, chicken, seafoods, dumplings, salmon, bihon, fruits, deserts and ice cream. Once seated, waitress/waiter will ask you what soup you want. You can choose either sinigang , chicken broth or a little spicy.

For lunch, the price if 485, inclusive of bottomless drinks.
For dinner, it is P560, inclusive of bottomless drinks.

STORE TIME: I am not sure of the time it opens, but they closes at 10:00 pm so better go there early so you can all you want. =)

When we went there around 9:00pm there are quite a number of people, good thing they have lots of tables and chairs that can accomodate a number of people. Servers are very accomodating. This TongYang branch has a more family-oriented ambience, good for family or barkada reunion, birthday reception, etc.

1. Make sure you are really hungry when you go here so that it would be worth your money. =)
2. Try not eat rice or if you want just minimal amount.
3. Not to intake much soup so that you wont feel full...hahaha...
4. Not drink a lot immediately (by the way, they also have bottomless beer) hahaha..
5. Their crab tastes so good.
6. Spacious parking
7. Cook your food altogether so that you wont waste time waiting.
8. Come early!
Here are some pics of me and my friend experiencing Tong Yang Q. Ave.

My college friend, Marco A.

At his back are displays of various seafoods, dumpling, veggies, meat and desserts. 

Yours truly, having my part of yumminess.

Till next review.

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