Thursday, April 2, 2009

Personal thought: April 1, 2009 "April Fool's Day"

Yep, indeed it was a funny 1st day of April!
i told my boyfriend that i had my nose done and at first he doesnt believe me.
i insisted and told him stuff and how my nose was done, really trying to convince him that it was fixed.
he was saying, "weh,'re "retokada" pala eh" , meaning i had cosmetic surgery done on my face. and then, when i realized that he was convinced i shouted happy April's fool's day!!!
however my actual joke should not be that one, i was really planning not to text him the whole day and pull a prank on him but he ruined it by making tampo coz i started the day without greeting him a good morning thru text.
as usual we had our petty quarrels and im just really happy to realized that he really loves me. my boyfriend really cares about me, it's just that sometimes our minds and ideas doesnt meet. i love my boyfriend so much because he's truly one of the person i know that genuinely cares about me. it's just that he doesnt have much resources or anything but it's not really the material things that matter.
by the way,i really feel sick at the office...

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